Monday, August 12, 2013

Blue Eyelet and Pin Curled Hair


 I am turning into quite a good little blogger, I have been remembering to take pictures of (almost) everything relatable. Therefore, coming soon (as soon as I finish it that is), is my lovely black pencil skirt with red lining. But that will wait. 
     Today I want to show you my Blue Eyelet dress. I have actually had this dress for a few years now, but I messed it up big time when I first made it. Let's just say that I have learnt a lot about sewing since then. To begin with it was gaping in the front, so what did I do? That's right I shortened the straps. I don't even know. Well this obviously caused a lot of problems. First it was too tight in the armholes and would rub on me. Since burn induced BO is not exactly attractive this was a huge deterrent from actually wearing the dress. Shortening the straps also meant that the waistline was up at my rib cage. Since my small waist is the only thing that keeps me from looking and feeling huge, this wasn't good either. Who wants a dress made out of gorgeous fabric from a beautiful pattern that makes you feel like garbage? Well, I also didn't realize that circle skirts have bias areas and therefore have to hang out, so the hem had as many dips and peaks as the Rockies. Not to mention that I didn't have a proper petticoat to fill it out. All of these combined problems meant that I barely ever wore this dress, though when I saw it on the hanger I couldn't remember why - I remembered when I tried to wear it. 
     About a year ago I looked at it and realized something, those straps where too short! So I picked out the seams and tried it on. I now knew that the bodice was too big. Since I wasn't about to take the whole dress apart I simply put a seam up the back, maybe half an inch wide, and it made it fit like a dream. I didn't re-hem the dress even then because let's face it, circle skirts go on forever! By the time that I finally got around to it I had fixed some other items in my closet so that I now had a standard length of 28". It makes life easier to have a set length for everything, because now if I make a petticoat or a slip I know exactly how long I should make it and know that it will work with everything in my closet that isn't store bought. 
Wearing: Muslin Petticoat made by me; 
Creamy Yellow Blouse made by me; 
Blue Eyelet Dress made by me from this pattern (Vogue 2902)
     I do promise you that I own shoes, I just don't wear them around the house and since the last two posts have been from days when I haven't gone anywhere I wasn't wearing any. To prove that I do own shoes I will show you a picture of my brand new, Blue Suede Shoes!
     They are darker in real life, but the flash lets you see the actual texture, so I decided that it was ok. Don't you love the little buttons? And they have a nice sturdy heel which will be wonderful for walking all over campus. I just adore these shoes. After buying them yesterday I kept putting them on with my jammy pants and dancing :) Having just finished watching Daddy Long Legs helps one feel like dancing you know.

     My pin curl set turned out wonderfully, I was so happy (and still am). Several months ago I started to train my hair. I realized that it was nothing but a pain to wash it every day, and it isn't accurate for any time period but the present. I am up to three or four days without washing now. Today is my third day since setting my hair, and it is still curly. Here are some first day shots of it.

And now for my promised tip. I don't know if anyone else has had this idea before, but it just hit me all of a sudden. The problem with pin curling is that it is hard to get the hair rolled properly, and it hurts your arms to hold them up for so long. The problem with curling irons is the heat and lack of staying power. So I used an unheated curling iron to roll my curls up and then pinned them in place! You just have to be careful not to roll it too tightly or you will never get the curl off intact.
Ta-ta for now,
Lot's of love


  1. So fun! I think you should do a more in-depth post on the pin curling method with a step-by-step how to and pictures for us visual learners. I would also like to see a picture of how it wears each day of being set. (As a side note, my own training of my hair is going quite well. I am up to 5 days now, meaning I washed it Monday morning and didn't wash it again until Saturday morning.)

  2. Oh, that's great! I am not doing quite that well, but you have the advantage of being done with all of those annoying teenage hormones which cause greasy hair! Soon, oh so soon. Anyway, I do plan on doing a tutorial, but I want to become a little more knowledgeable before I do one. I will probably take pictures of the whole process when I set it again in a few days :)