Monday, August 5, 2013

My Hair

 Hair. My hair has gone through some interesting transformations. To begin with, this is what it looked like from the time my mom cut off the last of my baby hair until I was 13 or so.
 I was extremely proud of my pretty long hair, and people commented on it all the time. But one day I was hit with a fit of madness, and I decided to chop it. I never do anything small, and this was the approximate result.
 Well, let's just say that I shocked everybody. I did donate 11" to Locks of Love, so it wasn't all bad. My love for short hair was rather short lived itself, but being young and under the influence of a mother who was paying for any haircuts; I somehow ended up cutting it again and again, all the while saying that I was growing it out and just needed a haircut that would grow out nicely. The sad part was that most of the haircuts looked horrible on me. This was due to two facts; firstly, I have very thick hair which most hair stylists tend to cut very poorly, and secondly I did not style my hair, especially back then.
 Well, my hair grew and got short and repeated itself for the next few years:

 Until I finally had my hair back to being long again:

And what do you think I did? That's right, I chopped it off again!

 You see, I was becoming decidedly vintage by this time and I realized that I was going to want to have at least one short vintage style cut in my life. Fortunately I had found a wonderful hair stylist by this time, and I never go to anyone else.

 Well, youth is restless. I wasn't quite satisfied that this cut was right (again because I was too lazy to style it) so I decided to get a pixie modeled after Audrey Hepburn's cut in Roman Holiday.

 I loved it; which probably makes this the first short hair cut that I have ever actually liked. Now, you see that pretty blonde? That is my sister, and she has a problem. She is a compulsive hair chopper. Granted, she looks adorable in pixie cuts, but she always says she wants to grow out her hair and then loses patience. So we made a deal. Neither of us is allowed to chop our hair till August 2014 (the deal was made August 2012). If she, I mean either of us, breaks this deal the other gets to choose what color the other must dye and keep their entire head for a month. Namely, puke green. We're growing out our hair!

 Well, here is my progress so far. One year in and doing great!

 Lots of love!


  1. Hannah, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! You have a very entertaining writing style.

  2. Thank you, dear! I hope that lots of people will find this blog entertaining :)