Friday, August 9, 2013

Packing and Sewing and Leaving, Oh My!

    Well, it is busy for me right now. Not that I am keeping nearly as busy as I should, mind you. I think that the main issue is that I haven't actually come to terms with the fact that I am going to leave so soon. College; what a wonderful, scary, awful thing you are!
     This isn't my first semester (thank goodness), I spent my first year in college at a community college and lived at home. The idea of actually leaving is irksome, and I would rather not talk about it. However, I am rather engulfed with 'things to do before I leave' so there is no escaping it really. But, seeing as sewing is pleasant (even if rushing is not), here is my list or 'things to do' in order of their importance:
  • My corset girdle (I have just ordered two of its 'ingredients', so though it is important, it may be the last thing that I actually finish)
  • My creamy yellow blouse
  • A black pencil skirt - is it shocking that I don't own on?
  • A wonderful big apron that crosses in the back
  • Several frivolities that may or may not get done; keep in mind that I still have to pack everything, and I mean everything
     Well, I have now completed my lovely blouse. It is made of a gorgeous lightweight cotton blend fabric (I can't be completely certain what it is because I bought it pre-cut, and the label didn't say what it was) I thought it was pure cotton until I was ironing it, yeah it has a little bit of synthetic in there. Fortunately I didn't actually melt anything. I have very picky fingers, so the fact that I was wrong about its fiber content shows that it is a nice synthetic. My mom suggested that it might be rayon, and I believe that she is correct. Rayon is much less offensive to sensitive fingers than polyester.

     Here it is, my extremely versatile blouse. It will work all year long, and will go with just about anything. I am sure that this blouse will show itself on this blog many times in the future. It is made from this lovely vintage pattern.

     As you can see, it is from 1952. I love this pattern, I have now made two blouses with it. The first one I made is in heavy rotation in my closet and will appear soon I am sure. I found the pattern at a local antique store and paid $1 for it. That's my kind of deal! I only made minimal changes to it, and none of them were with the fit. I am blessed with a figure that matches up with patterns, though after I finish my corset girdle it'll be even better!

     I didn't get too many construction pictures, but I took some after it was finished. The above picture is of the center back. The pattern calls for a side zipper, but since I am out of zippers at the moment I decided to have it button up the back instead. I didn't plan far enough ahead to have a good interfacing, so I got creative. I used satin bias tape (made by myself and my mother a couple years ago) to make it stiff. First I finished the edges of the back with a zig-zag stitch, then I ironed (with a press cloth this time) the seam allowance. Next I inserted the bias tape into the little ditch and top stitched it all together. This gave me a nice base for making my buttonholes (which task is made easier by my wonderful buttonholer). The Peter Pan collar closes with a hook and eye, and there is a natural slit in the back. I decided to put buttons up to this point, rather than all the way up.

     I was so thrilled that I can reach all but the very top button! Of course I wasn't too concerned. I am going to be living in a dorm full of girls very soon, so I have top-button buttoners nearby!
     Because this fabric is so delicate I decided to flat fell all of the seams. The only seams not flat felled are the back and neck (which has facing, a collar, and is zig-zagged and trimmed). The armholes were slightly tricky, but I soldiered through.

     I didn't line the bodice so I can change the look by what I wear underneath. I wore it with a camisole based on the same pattern today.

     I am wearing it with a circle skirt and petticoat, both of which I made. The petticoat is made out of muslin instead of tulle or crinoline, so it is great for every day wear. 

     My hair is far from great in these pictures, but I am attempting to change my habits. Remember how I said that I used to be really bad about doing my hair? Well, I am still really bad. I have two main goals which I hope that writing this blog will help me with. The first is to get more pictures of myself (which I am bad about), and the second is to start pin curling my hair. I am sitting right now with my hair all up in a scarf, and hopefully it will turn out well!

     If it does, then I have a brilliant pin curling idea for all of you!
Lots of Love!


  1. I'm loving reading your creative posts! Your sewing skills have certainly improved over the years too! Remember that first green dress?

  2. Oh dear, yes. I keep it hanging in my closet to remind myself. Thank you :)