Sunday, September 22, 2013

'Birthdays Come but Once a Year' or 'Fall Is In the Air'

The weather has turned to lovely chilliness, and I couldn't be happier!
     I meant most faithfully to post about my birthday a few weeks ago, but a few things happened. First I was required to go on a 24 hour technology fast for one of my classes (which was actually quite wonderful), and then Monday came again, and again. I am quite determined to start posting more often than once every 1-2 weeks, but habits take time to form. I am also hoping that it will be easier once we get our router working. Anyhow, it was my birthday two Saturdays ago! And what did I do? A lot of wonderful nothing-in-particulars. I love doing things because I feel like doing them, and a birthday is the perfect day to indulge oneself :) So I auditioned for a campus movie, I went to an antique store, I went to a thrift store, and I watched Anne of Green Gables. It was lovely.
This was actually a very warm day, but I was ready for cooler weather!
Rachael's totally thrifted outfit (except for the shoes).
     Now, the movie. I did not get a callback, and it was hard because I had not gotten a callback for the play I auditioned for either. But I knew that being brand new here meant that it would take some time to get into the 'inner circles' (not that my school is clique-ish, but the upperclassmen still have precedence). So I was beyond thrilled when I was looking at the Facebook page later that evening and my name was on the casting list! It is a very small part (which is why I had no callback) but I am thrilled to be in the movie at all. I am looking at this as a foot in the door, not to mention a challenge; I am a cop, the only girl cop. I am not really cop material, so acting skills ensue!
     The antique store was . . . interesting. It was full of crazy stuff, but it was kind of sketchy too. I did not buy anything there, but I wouldn't be opposed to going again. I am simply never going to go alone (I did not go alone that day, but now I know that I never will). Then we headed over to the thrift store. This place was pretty amazing. I found a gorgeous lamp, a candle warmer, a turtleneck with a huge 'H' on it (Tommy Hilfiger, but I like to pretend that it was made for me), a couple of movies, a buttonholer for my mother, and a huge bag of tupperware. Don't buy tupperware in huge bags; not a single lid will fit a single container, and you will be disappointed.
Some of the lovely flowers that are planted all over campus.
     I unfortunately still do not have my router working, and that is what I am blaming my lack of posting on. It's up to you to decide if that is a legitimate excuse or not. Probably not. Anyway, I did call the IT people the other day, and they will be coming to help sometime this week. Apparently the router that we bought doesn't like the Internet service provider, so it isn't us being stupid (what a relief!).
See, I'm studying! That's a good excuse, though not the one that's true...

     I want to do a post on my dorm room, and maybe get some nice outfit pictures together. I have been wearing pretty things, but the idea of taking time to take photos when I could be doing something else (like napping, say) is rather ludicrous. However things are starting to fall (pun not originally intended; cause, you know, fall is practically here) into place. Well, hopefully I will become a better blogger from here on out!
Lots of love,

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