Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hectic Life

     I do so miss writing posts, but I have a wonderful excuse! I have now officially moved into my University! I want to give pictures of my girdle, my room, and many of the outfits I have been wearing recently, but I can't get online on my computer right now. My sister (also roomie) and I bought a router, but it sadly is being a pain. So until I can find someone tech savvy who can help me, I won't be able to post any pictures. Sad day for you, but I like monologuing! :p
     School has been going really well so far, and I don't have very much homework (which would thrill any schoolgirl). I am very over the hot weather at this point though, and I have been rebelliously wearing my new black pencil skirt which, quite frankly, is a warm weather skirt. I also went shopping yesterday with some new kindred spirits, who happen to live in my hall. Emily, Ashlee, and Emileigh at Flashback Summer. Let us just say that it is thrilling to meet another vintage enthusiast in real life, there are plenty in the blogosphere but not many in real life. Anywho, I will end by saying that I found four vintage hats and a vintage wool skirt all for $25. I was very happy! Pictures to come soon; I hope.....
Lots of Love!

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  1. I want to see the hats! Can you at least describe them for me?