Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Mirror World

     Have you ever noticed that the world you see in the mirror looks more appealing? Maybe it's just me, but when I was little I would lay on the ground and stare at the reflection of the room in the ceiling fan. It sparked my imagination, and I loved to make it come to life. I would imagine all sorts of things, and wish I could go through to the other side. When I read "Into the Looking Glass", I felt like they had it wrong. Things in the mirror are not skewed and wrong, they are beautiful. Seeing things in a mirror makes you take a new perspective and see with fresh eyes.
     I really want this blog to be a fun place for people to visit. I know that there are blogs out there that are too standoffish, and don't feel personal, or blogs that get a little too personal, and both of these are bad things. I think I may be erring on the side of standoffish. I want this to be an interesting blog that has some depth to it. I want it to be about beauty, life, love, and everything that is good in my life. Not that my life is perfect, but I like to look at the good side of things. Whenever I catch myself starting to get overwhelmed or depressed, I remember to look at the big picture; it is good to put things in perspective.
     Spring Breakg was this last week for my school. My sister and I, with a friend of ours, were able to go home. There is nothing like being home for a week, without homework or responsibility. Of course, home is not always like this, but a small break like this is an excuse for laziness. 

     There is nothing like good, homecooked food. This meal was so pretty that I had to take pictures of it. My Mom made salmon (which my Dad kindly de-skinned for her), a quick bread, and I made the spinach salad. Afterwards we ate lovely little lime cheesecakes which Rachael made. I forgot to take a picture, we just started eating them!
     I'm back at school now, but I can still remember my beautiful home, and appreciate my second home as well; and I can still let the beauty of God's creation seep into my soul, just like I did with the reflection in the ceiling fan. The second half of this semester is going to be even better than the first.
Lots of love to all of you! 

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