Sunday, February 2, 2014

Howdy Do, and a New 'Do!

     Well, I promise I haven't abandoned you again! I am fighting a cold, and therefore spent the time I would have used on Wednesday to write a post sleeping. Dreadful, I know; only not really. I am feeling much better now though!
     I was so excited last week to finally have my hair trimmed (I hadn't done it since the first week of July, yikes!) and I finally got the bangs I wanted! I had set my heart on them over Christmas break, but didn't have the opportunity to do it, so I was thrilled when my friend next door offered to do it for me. She did an excellent job, too. I know this isn't the best picture, but I will be coming back with more soon. I wanted some fringe that could work for an Audrey look or a more modern look; that could be worn straight across my forehead, or pushed to the side. My basic stipulation was to not end up with thick, heavy bangs; I have too many bad childhood memories of those.
     I am feeling the need for color, lots of color, right now. It is dreary and dreadful outside, and I am dying to put on my summer garb and go prancing around, but that is out of the question. The real need is for more winter skirts. I will be devoting myself to sewing skirts over the summer; skirts and blouses. I will have to force myself to keep away from sewing pretty summer dresses. I have plenty of those, and I wear them far less than I do my warm clothes. I am also looking towards starting an Etsy shop when summer (and therefore my sewing machine) come back around. Stay tuned for more details about that! My next post I will be sharing a very exciting thrift shop find!

Lots of love!

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