Friday, February 14, 2014

Love is in the Air

Sorry about my weird, skill-lacking, selfie-ish photography. I don't have a very good camera, and I am not a good photographer. Perhaps someday this will change. Also, sorry about all of the serious faces, I am concentrating on not shaking the camera. I mostly just want to show you some of my world. 

     Valentine's Day is such a sweet holiday. Even if you don't have a sweetheart, it is still lovely to see all of the adorable couples who are so happy to be together, and I find that I can't be envious of their joy. Plus, there is almost always chocolate.

      Last night I decided to wear pinks and reds in honor of this day, and this morning I completely forgot (I was running late to chapel). Instead I am wearing blue; the sheer number of people wearing red today makes me glad that I 'decided' to be different (though I did wear my red trench coat). It is blustery outside, which means absolutely butchered hair (not that I do much to mine, but I consider bangs standing straight up as butchered). It doesn't bother me personally, but I feel bad for the girls going on dates tonight for whom nice hair has become a hopeless case. I suppose that hats and scarves would be useful...
      I am in love with my new tights, they are so fun and practical. This color goes with most of my wardrobe, and I feel like they are dark enough to not stand out too crazily.
      This blouse hasn't shown up yet (indeed, I've only worn it once). It was the only item that I managed to finish over Christmas break. I was really pleased with how nice the construction is (it is from a vintage pattern). The print was a little bit louder than I expected once it became a blouse. However, I still like it. It is not a flower print, as it may look. It is a Blue Willow China print, which has always charmed me. My mom has a small collection of this type of China, and I think it is absolutely lovely. Anyway, that is why I bought the fabric. The construction was very simple; the sleeves were cut in one with the blouse and then a cuff was added. Also, it is fitted below the waist line. I love details like this in vintage patterns. Whereas most modern blousy patterns/blouses would make the entire blouse full, this vintage pattern is made specifically for wearing tucked into a skirt or pants. The practicality is simply marvelous.
     These shoes haven't shown up either (that I can think of, at least they haven't been spotlighted) and they are some of my favorites! They are so very practical for cold days, walking across campus, rehearsing (in fact, I will be wearing these for my part as Nelly in the school play, "Oliver Twist", this semester), etc. All that I really need to do is water proof them and get some nice, cushy inserts for them. I found them last Spring semester at Plato's Closet after looking for shoes similar to this for months. They are a size too big, but it really doesn't matter in this style at all.

      I am thrilled to announce that I will be able to show you some sewing projects soon. I volunteered to help sew for the play, and I was just given my projects today. I will be making several silky red petticoats, and 10 orphan tunics, as well as an apron, and possibly some other projects. As you all know, I have been complaining non-stop about my lack of sewing machine, but that ends now! I don't want to be all negative and complainy, anywhere, but especially here! I am absolutely giddy about getting my paws on some proper sewing materials, it kills me to be so un-creative (in a non-negative way...)
Lots of love!

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