Friday, March 28, 2014

Stage Makeup

     Can I just say, ick! Stage makeup is nasty. At this moment I am applying my regular, lovely, water based makeup in the morning, washing my face at 4:30, having heavy, oily stage makeup applied, and then washing again before bed. Needless to say, my face isn't too happy. I don't regularly put lotion on my face, since it is fairly oily. After one and a half days of the before mentioned ritual, I had dry, dry skin, and it was starting to break out. I could feel zits coming in all over my cheeks. The next day, my face was so dry that I put half a pump of ultra moisturizing equate lotion (which says to compare to Jergens) and put it all over my face. It was a beautiful moment. I know that using regular lotion isn't a good idea, but my face is dry enough to call for it right now; and the zits went away before they finished coming in, so I say it was a success. 

     I read somewhere that essential oils are great for use on your face, so I tried to find some lavender oil. Sadly, Walmart does not carry it any more. I bought tea tree oil instead, but it is more drying than moisturizing; so I also bought some more Jergens knock off lotion, which I was nearly out of. It said very clearly, 'classic scent', and I grabbed it.
     The next night I ran out of my old lotion, and grabbed the new bottle. It had been a long day, and I had gotten overheated in my bath, so I was already feeling queazy, when I suddenly started smelling the worst perfume I have ever experienced, only to realize that it was my lotion. I looked at the label again. It still said 'classic scent', but about three lines down it also said, 'infused with cherry and almond fragrance'. The liar. Now, this was no cherry blossom smell. This was more like artificial cherry candy. I nearly gagged. 
     The next evening, when I was again wanting to hydrate my skin, I decided to give the cherry lotion a second chance, seeing as I had already been feeling bad the night before. I, in all my cleverness, applied it to my freshly shaved underarms first, which I have been applying lotion to in an attempt to even out the skin. And there I was, alone in the bathroom, grabbing toilet paper to try and wipe off the cherry lotion while I tried not to scream too loud. I felt like the kid on 'Home Alone' when he puts the aftershave on. And now I don't have lotion. At least the next show isn't till Thursday. 

     Oh, and one thing more; when chasing someone on stage, avoid doorknobs at all costs. 
Lots of love to you!

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