Thursday, April 17, 2014

A Very Parisian Day



     If there is anything that can describe my ideal vintage aesthetic, it would be "1950's Parisian". I adore the carefree, and yes, sometimes casual, look that Paris had in the fifties. Being, as I am, only nineteen, I always feel as though I should wear younger, more girlish styles. But every time that I try to dress like an American 1950's teenager, I feel awful. Bows and frills and frufru just don't suit me right. I like them very much, but they don't look right on me; and if I try to wear vintage collegiate, I feel too dressed down. Paris just had the perfect happy medium! Granted, this does not mean that I do not like to wear girly clothes or fancy clothes; that's all I do wear, actually. What I mean is that the more streamlined, simple styles feel right. Parisian style is perfect for me.

     If you look at old pictures on Pinterest, you will find that the styles in Paris were different than America, though not drastically. What I have noticed is that the styles relied less on added frills, and more on pattern and texture. Of course, there were different styles just as there were in America. The ultra sophisticated, or the simple and carefree; but I love them all. This is not a hard and fast rule, or even researched very extensively. It is just my observation.

     I was able to channel my inner Parisian the other day. I recently bought a crop top at Wet Seal, with the intended purpose of wearing it over tank tops for working out (since racer backs are annoyingly against my school's dress code). It then occurred to me that a striped, cropped T-shirt is very Parisian, and it works marvelously with my trusty black pencil skirt (which has been worn no end this winter). The other day, since I got out of bed at a proper time, I was able to experiment with my crop top. I didn't get any pictures that day, but I'm ok with that now. I have been wanting a pair of simple white sneakers, which are comfortable, casual, and vintage appropriate. I found this pair at Walmart, waterproofed them (which, fingers crossed, will keep them from getting too dirty), and was able to wear them yesterday, making my style feel even more Parisian! I am so excited to be taking French next semester; I imagine I'll emerge quite French at the end of it all, hehe.



  1. Beautiful! I love the outfit! Your post makes me think of Gigi a little bit. Have you ever seen that? It stars Leslie Caron, who was also in An American in Paris. Anyway, I highly recommend it. It isn't set in the 50s and has nothing to do with the fashion notes you mentioned, but there's one song where Gigi sings, "I don't understand the Parisians!" And your title made me think of that. :)

    1. I have not, but I want to. I always think of "Daddy Longlegs" when I think of her; and I love her style there!