Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Going East Part 1: Moving Out

     Well! This has been a long time coming. I'm sorry for the long break between posts; I have been on vacation and not feeling like spending time online. I am very pleased to announce that I am beginning to blog ahead of myself! Up to this point I have been trying to blog once a week about whatever has inspired me. Sadly, this method is only so-so; and I have not been as regular and methodical as I should like to be. This is all dull to you though, so I will continue with the point of this post!

     As I have said, we went East for vacation. The reason for this was my sister, Kimm's graduation. This is a six part series, so you'll hear all about that in a few days. My parents picked Rachael and I up from school, and after a quick visit with my Aunt and cousin, we went straight towards New York (State, not city). Before we could leave though, we had to completely move out of our dorm room. I have mentioned both my love for cleanliness and the wreck that was our room the week before moving out. It didn't help that while trying to pack for vacation and for moving out, we also had finals! It's poor planning that there isn't a solution for. 
     It is truly astounding how much stuff fits into such a small room. We kept everything in its place all year, and it wasn't cluttered; but the moment a closet is pulled out, all bets are off. I find it hard to concentrate in a mess, and I'm sure that didn't help me to study (not to mention my complete end-of-the-year-blues that caused apathy). I did not do well on my finals, but the semester's hard work paid off, and I only went down half a letter grade in one class as a result; all the others remained as before.

                                                     Photo credit to my friend, Nicole 

    I finished my finals with a bang. I had carefully planned my study time, taking into account the two finals I had the next day. Since the first final was in the morning, and the second one not till 2:00, I would have plenty of time to study for my "final" final the next day. So, I took my first final, and then there I was, studying for the last time this Spring, and I receive a text from a friend. All it says is, "Final!!"  This obviously freaked me out a bit, since it was only 12:30. My friend was not answering me, so I checked the course outline again. It did say 2:00, but I still didn't trust it; so I went to the master schedule online, and oh! horror of horrors, my exam was at 12:30! Rushing to grab shoes and purse, I crashed out of the room and practically ran to the classroom. I was shaking violently, and I was highly underprepared. It was mostly matching, and I had to guess about half of them. I was still shaking when I finished, but I managed to restrain the tears. They started coming as I walked back to my room. I realized that Rachael would be home by now, and I felt sorry for her; she had a wreck on her hands, and had no idea it was coming. I burst into the room and started sobbing. Rachael looked at me and asked in shocked (and slightly exasperated) tones, "What in the world happened?!"  She then proceeded to comfort and reason with me, and we went to dinner after a while. 
     I resigned myself to the loss of a semester's hard work. I could have slacked off all year after the grade I was going to get on that dreadful test! When I did get my grade a few days later, I had miraculously managed 110% on that "dreadful test". Adrenaline can work wonders, I suppose.

                                                 Who needs to study when you can read?

     My parents drove all night, carrying a trailer along with them. The next day was our move out day, and Shay (Rachael) and I had been hard at work all day Thursday. We had to put the furniture back into its original state; which is no small job. The bunks had to be un-lofted, and the dresser and desks moved, which left no room for our couch. That ended up in the middle of the floor, blocking traffic. We also had a mini fridge and mini freezer, both of which had to be defrosted. The room also had to be vacuumed and deep cleaned. Men were allowed in the building at 1:00 Friday, at which time my Dad and Jared (Shay's boyfriend) both came to help. We loaded up the trailer, and then Shay and I stayed to deep clean, while our Dad went to the store so that our Mom could make gnocchi soup. I don't know that any soup has ever tasted better, I was so tired and longing for good, home food. 
     Our checkout time was at 6:00 am Saturday, so that we could get an early start. Every single thing had to be out of our room before our RA came. We got ready, loaded the last of our luggage into the car, wiped down the sinks, had a quick inspection, and then we were free. We had breakfast with our parents and Jared, who came along with us. Then we packed up the car, and we were off! Well, after we dug my computer out of the trailer so it could be put inside. I didn't think of that beforehand…

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