Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Going East Part 2: Niagara Falls

     Our second stop on vacation, after a fantastic visit with my Aunt and cousin and their respective husbands, was Niagara Falls. It is absolutely amazing! The day we went was chilly and overcast; but since this kept the heat away, I really didn't mind. We were also happily there out of season, so that the crowd was small and many of the attractions were free.

     We started by taking the trolley around the park, hearing all of the information that the driver was giving. We got off at the observation deck, and got our first real look at the falls. They are absolutely glorious! The ice had still not finished thawing, and the swirls and colors were beautiful. We were sad that "The Maid of the Mist" was not running though, because of said ice. It is a boat that goes right next to the waterfall; I would still like to do that some day!

     We went and watched the IMAX movie, which was very interesting. It detailed the most famous stunts performed on the falls. The first person to go over the falls in a barrel was a 63 year old widowed schoolteacher, named Annie. I would never have the nerve, and I'm only 19! The first person to survive going over unprotected was a 7 year old boy. The boat he was in had had an accident, and he was swept down the river. He went over the falls protected by nothing but his life jacket!

     Our next stop was "The Three Sisters Islands" which we promptly remained for ourselves. Kimm did not join us till later in the trip, but we claimed her an island anyway. I love nothing better than leisurely exploring, especially when it's outdoors! We walked about and observed a goose or two, making the place our own.

     Since I knew it would be chilly, I opted to wear my sailor pants, which I recently fixed. I also wore a Cruella de Vil sweatshirt (from Wet Seal), and my white sneakers. Sadly, exploring in the country means that white sneakers don't remain white. Oh well, I got a little bit of Niagara to take home with me! I did my hair up; I pinned back the sides and randomly pinned the back into curls. It was nice and sturdy, and it served my purposes well.

These pictures don't show the pants very well, but I have a post coming up about them.

     Next up I will be talking about a day of thrifting, and a very exciting find!
Lots of Love!

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