Monday, May 26, 2014

Going East Part 3: Thrifting in New Hampshire

     Hello lovelies! Here I am, with part three of my vacation posts! After going to Niagara Falls, we travelled to Concord, New Hampshire. I loved all of the scenery as we drove through New York and Vermont, and New Hampshire was just as pretty! We didn't do much the two days we spent there; everyone was so exhausted by this time that we decided to just take it easy. We spent a day playing cards and eating pizza; it was lovely! Our next stop was Bedford, which was only a little over an hour away. This was were Kimm and her husband, Johan would be joining us, since they flew. We couldn't check into our hotel in Bedford till that afternoon anyway, so we decided to go antiquing in Concord before we left. We went to a huge antique mall, "Concord Antique Gallery", and did I ever find some lovely things!

     Since it was right before Mother's Day, Shay and I decided to get her a present there. She wasn't obviously enthusiastic about anything, so rather than guessing, we decided to tell her and let her pick out her gifts. Her first pick was an antique school bell. Next, I found a gorgeous Carnival Glass mug, and then Shay found a Civil War era German Bible/hymn book! I would say that was a success!

     Even with all of those lovely things, I still think this last find was the most exciting! My Dad mentioned that he had found some old sewing books, but he hadn't looked very closely. Just before we were ready to leave, I remembered and asked him to show me. I was absolutely not expecting what I was about to find. There were three books, all copyrighted 1928. They were labeled "Children's and Maternity Garments", "Dressmaking-Trimming-Finishing", and, oh snatch-worthy moment, "Underwear and Lingerie"! I was absolutely starstruck, and as a looked through the book, I realized that it was a textbook, complete with exam questions, from the "Woman's Institute of Domestic Arts and Sciences".

     I have a facination with yesteryear's underpinnings, because they are the hardest thing to find information on. It is easy enough to find fashion plates that illustrate how to trim a dress, but a book full of sewing techniques and little secrets about one of my favorite areas? An absolute gem. I realized that, being a poor college student, I needed to show some restraint (the cost being on the hefty side), and so I resolved to only buy the "Underwear and Lingerie" book, but I have absolutely lovely parents, and they bought the other two for me as well!

     I highly recommend "Concord Antique Gallery", if ever any of you are in New Hampshire; and you can be sure that I will share some little bits from my precious books with you from time to time! 
Lots of love!

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