Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Hot Day in Warm Clothes

     I am pretty sure that I did this to myself last year too; I make something new for cold weather, and I can't wait till it's cold to wear it. Oh well, I wore this to church, and it is always cold in there anyway. So, this is my brand new blouse! I found this taffeta for just $5 a yard, and couldn't say no to it. I have only finished the blouse, but there is going to be a matching skirt as well. I am really happy with how this turned out; I think that it is a very comfortable style with its dolman sleeves. I lined it with white muslin, and it's going to be wonderfully warm (already is). The skirt I am wearing comes from the same pattern as the blouse, and I am making the matching skirt the same. I found this skirt to be wonderfully comfortable and practical last year, and currently have not just one, but two skirts cut out in the same pattern waiting to be sewn. I used Retro Butterick 5557, and I absolutely love it. I'm just going to be honest here, many slim skirts make you feel a bit stuffed in like a sausage, but this pattern is very well constructed. It has seams and darts in exactly the right places to make it flattering. Actually, can I just say that about vintage clothing in general? Anyway, back to the blouse. I love all of the details on this blouse. It has beautiful darts all over it, including elbow darts, which I have been dying to try on something. They just look so pretty! I had to do a bit of tinkering to make it fit properly in the bust. I have come to the conclusion that, since I do make my own clothes, I ought to put in just a bit more effort to make sure that it fits as it should in all places. Just because I can zip it doesn't mean that it fits. It's a subtle difference for me, but enough to make me feel better about myself.

     I have been settling into my school routine once again, and it is interesting. I know it's a funny thing to complain about, but I don't have enough to do right now. Last semester I was so busy with school, job, and theatre that I could barely sit down. The main issue there was clashing schedules, though. I want to really push myself this year. I am looking for a job (which is looking hopeful), and I will be auditioning for the campus play and movie this semester. I would like to get involved in some more areas as well, and I have been exploring my options. I think that it is good for me to keep pushing myself; I don't want to miss out on anything, and I know that I can handle it. Not to mention that a resume packed with extra curriculars is a good thing to have.
     I brought my sewing machine this year, and even though I haven't pulled it out yet, I have peace of mind just knowing that it is nearby, ready for me when I need it. I mentioned the two skirts I am making, but I also have a gorgeous green brushed cotton that is to die for, and is being made into a dress. I also have a completed (for ages now) dress that I simply can't wait to wear! It is lined in flannel though, and I don't think it's practical this time of year.
Lots of love to you!

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