Friday, January 2, 2015

A New Year and a Fresh Start

     Well! This is quite shameful, and I do apologize. I can't believe that I haven't posted in over two months! I promise I have not abandoned my little blog. Truth be told, I have very little in the way of excuses, except that I got into the pattern of not blogging and it was nice to sit still for a while (especially during finals, though that was ages ago now). More and more I realize the freedom that comes from silence online. It is amazing how much the internet can control your life if you are not careful. I have never loved social media, but I have been drawn in by it on occasion. I am beginning to realize that memories are sometimes more special if they are unrecorded and live only in your mind. Then you are free to share those things with whom you will and there is meaning behind it. However, there is also a balance. I have said before that I love this blog for the purpose of recording my life. I think of it as more of an online diary (properly guarded, since it is in the public eye, from too many specific details). But, overall, that is what I love about this space. This is a place where I can share without imposing myself on others. Thank you so much for sticking around and caring about what I have to say, it really means a lot to me. Perhaps in this year I will even manage to organize myself!
     I have been quite busy doing nothing these past few weeks. The last weeks of school were very busy for me. I am the stage manager for our upcoming musical, "Annie Get Your Gun," and as such I was part of the casting process. This on top of finals made for a busy, albeit wonderful last few weeks of school. I am really going to enjoy this role. Although it may be difficult to see from my blog, I thrive in positions that require organization and problem solving. I am so excited to work on this production with some wonderful people. "Pygmalion" was a great success, and I only wish that it had lasted longer. I was Mrs. Higgins, as you may remember, and it was such fun! I managed to make it through without any forgotten lines, and I was quite pleased. I was blessed to have my family come to see me as well.

     I have been home now for about two weeks, and it is really quite shocking how quickly time is going. Every Christmas that I spend with my family is more special to me now. My oldest sister is married. So far, we have been able to see them every year, because Johan's family lives so far away. But now that Rachael is engaged, things may quickly change around here. Of course, we will always see them every other year, but the off years will be strange. For now, I am simply grateful to be blessed with such a loving family, whom I will miss when they are elsewhere.
     This break has been filled with card games, food, trips to the movies, and one very special trip to the ballet to see the Nutcracker! I have a special place in my heart for ballet, and yet I had never seen the Nutcracker live before. It was just as magical as I hoped it would be, and there is talk of a new Christmas tradition. I can't say I would be opposed!
Now, to one and all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, although I am a bit late in wishing them!
Lots of Love

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