Monday, August 19, 2013

A Timeless Staple Has Entered My Closet (Finally)

     Hello there, I have been having a lovely time recently (apart from brief moments of total panic, I leave for school in two days). Last Saturday I went on a long desired picnic, it was beautiful! We found a grassy spot next to a river, which happened to be in the middle of a tourist town. People were stopping to take pictures of us as they were obviously envious of our fearlessness (and the grand, quaint time we were having!) I unfortunately do not have a picture of us there but this was our picnic basket.
     In other news, say hello to my lovely new pencil skirt! I am thrilled with how this turned out. I used one of the most wonderful methods for lining a skirt ever created. Rather than treat the lining like another skirt I shortened it by approximately an inch and then sewed the hems of the skirt and lining together. Then I turned it up and joined the two at the waistband. This created a one inch hem on the underside. I slip stitched the lining to the zipper and the waistband over both lining and skirt. This makes for a very neat inside of a skirt without a seam showing. It makes me so happy to have something so perfectly completed.
Black Pencil Skirt - made by me
Blue Checked Blouse - made by me (from the same pattern as this blouse)
My Blue Suede Shoes - Target
Clip on earrings - Also Target
Blue Belt - Left over from softball, years ago . . .

     The black fabric was up-cycled from a skirt of my sister's. It is a lovely fabric with only the slightest of slight stretches. It also has a slightly fuzzy finish, rather like velvet (though I assure you that this is not velvet). All in all it makes me happy- sturdy fabrics always do- and it is going to be lovely for wintertime (it was rather too warm to wear today, though I didn't pay that fact any heed. I wore it to the museum anyway.)
     Now, I don't much care for hooks and eyes. They never seem to behave for me. I realize that I just need to sew these on again further from the edge, but seriously is this annoying or what?
The waistband pulls on them so that they show rather badly. My solution so far has been to wear a belt, but there may come a day when I am just not feeling a belt, but have no other option. This needs to be fixed. 
     Less melodramatically, I am working very diligently on my corset girdle and will hopefully be done very soon (I have only two days left and my whole room to pack, so hello late nights). I am very excited about how it is turning out. That may be my last sewing project for a very long time seeing as I am not bringing my sewing machine with me. I have tons of things I haven't shown you yet though, so never fear! 
I will hopefully be back soon with pics of my girdle!
Lots of love ya'll!

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