Monday, October 7, 2013

A Beautiful Pair of Trousers

     So I was in a movie this weekend. My University makes a movie every semester, and I tried out a while back (I spoke about it here). Now, I was rather hopeful that I would end up with a line, and indeed I did. It was so much fun, and I get to be in another scene. One of my biggest dreams is to be an actress, so this is a fantastic experience. Well, I went to get my costume and found out that I was only receiving a police shirt. That meant that I had to find trousers, a belt, and shoes; and I had about half an hour. So I rushed over to my favorite thrift store with two friends in lieu. We were on a mission and found all three items plus a pair of rather remarkable trousers, all for thirteen dollars. I love this store. This is also the same store where I found my vintage stockings (same post as above).

 I had about a split second to examine them, so I thought that they were possibly reenactment trousers. They fit me except for the waist, and since they have the lace up back I knew that I could easily fix them. When I got them home I was absolutely shocked to find out that they are part of a navy uniform. They are 100 % wool, the perfect length, and probably never worn (there is no name or service number written inside), and they cost all of three dollars. That is what I call a deal. I have tried looking up similar items online, and they are not exactly in my price range. I was so thrilled when I found this out. I am having major issues dating them though, since uniforms don't really change. If anyone has any knowledge on this subject, please tell me.
Lots of love!


  1. Wow! Sorry I can not help you, but those pants are a little treasure. Love them!

  2. A pair of US Navy dress blue pants for $3 is a great find. I own a couple pairs myself and wear them as dress pants in the office. They are super comfortable.
    My fiance and I collect WWII navy uniforms. From looking at the label I can tell these are most certainly post WWII, most likely there are from the 1960s. We have a couple books on navy uniforms with tons of info. I will see if I can find a more specific date for you.

    Emily's Vintage Visions